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Homework Helpers is a great way for students to get their
homework done and get any tutoring in areas of struggle.
Homework Helpers is open on weekly.
*Please note Sunday is filled. Drop in on Sunday's are not be accepted at this time*

RAW Talents believes that nurturing a child's academic growth is just as
important as nurturing their creative and physical growth. Sadly not all
educational opportunities are equal, RAW provides special after school, day and
weekend tutoring opportunities in a variety of subjects for all grades (K-12).

Compassionate Tutors who work to tailor teaching methods to meet the needs of
each student

Your child's participation in our Academic Tutor program will improve their
academic achievement.

Personalized Instruction (Homework Help, Personalized Tutoring Programs -
Subject Based)

We craft a lesson plan based upon your child's needs, school requirements (if
any). Private or Small class tutoring available  

Completion Ceremony
(for students who participate in tutoring from September
to April)
. A fun completion ceremony recognizes the child's work ethic.

Tutoring sessions range between $18-$65 an hour based on grade level
and tutoring needs of student

Contact us today to schedule a FREE 30 minute Introductory Tutoring
Session today!
The Proof is not only in the
Parent and Student Testimony,
check out these results too!

Student M.M. 4th Grader joined our Tutoring
program after her school informed her parents
that she required special education as she was
not excelling like the other 4th Graders.
Determined to try all options possible, the
student's parent brought the child to us (after
spending two years with two different very popular
Tutoring Programs). Our test results supported
the other tutoring centers test results, the student
was testing at a K-1st Grade Level. The parent
decided to give our program a test run and signed
up for only 6 weeks. After 4 weeks, we re-tested
the student and he was already testing at 2nd-3rd
grade level. Why? Because we focused on the
student's personal needs and found a teaching
style that worked for him. After receiving his first
ever C on a test (typically he would average
10%-20% on school test), his parent came to the
program and enrolled for the remainder of the
school year. *Keep in mind, these results are not
typical, but what is typical is all our students
progress in their target subjects*

"My kids love your program, they are
always excited to come and work with
their tutors. Thank you for getting them
excited about learning"
T.Singh, Newark

"Alex loves her tutor. I think its because
she is a high school student who she can
relate to. It's nice, makes her feel like she
is learning with a friend"
D. Riley
Tutor Program/What Is It?
One-on-One and Small-Group Tutoring entails working with students on a particular educational skill. Topics include history, math, science, French, language arts—
cover grades K-Calculus. It can take the form of one-on-one or small groups, with attention focused on building students' strengths, or helping them improve their skills in
areas that challenge them.

As a parents try to connect with the student’s teacher to identify tutoring needs. Try to make sure that students meet with the tutors at the same time, day, and place from
week to week. We encourage our tutors to incorporate a wide range of activities into the tutoring sessions. For example, discuss with students what they are currently
studying in school and where they think they would like some assistance. Follow up with tutors as often as possible to review your child’s progress and area’s of focus.
Tutoring is most effective when it is tied to the school work the student is currently working on in the classroom. In some cases a student is far more advanced then the
public school system provides, in this case [after careful assesstment] we offer an advanaced program that focuses on increasing the students knowledge on the
subjects of focus.

In general, most students are attending tutoring to practice and reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. Students who are behind grade level in math or other
subjects benefit from the focused attention of regular tutoring. Research indicates that one-on-one/or small group tutoring may be the most effective afterschool activity
for improving academic achievement.
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