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Bay Area Allstars RAW National Champions
"Thank you for everything. It was so amazing to see our daughter on that stage singing. If only you knew just how shy she has
been for years. We tried everything and your group was the first to pull her out of her shell. You changed her life in such a
positive way. We love RAW Performing Arts"
~ Michelle B. (GLEE/Sing Like a Rock Star Member 2012)
"Best cheer program in the Bay! Our daughter cheered for another local team and never felt like she was a star. Your gym gave her the
confidence and training she needed to feel good about her cheering. Thank you to you and your coaches for giving her a safe and
positive environment and always letting her know how much she mattered"
~ Donna A. (Stunt 2011)
"My only regret, not coming to you sooner. You understand my son's acting aspirations. You have gotten him more auditions and
work than his agent of over 2 years. The industry guidance you give is invaluable."
~ Stacy P. (Acting for Film/Television 2011)
"Best  Spring Break Camp  ever!  Our kids came home everyday  singing and dancing, they  couldn't stop talking about everything they
did. Looking  forward to your summer GLEE week camps"
~  Adarsh  G. (Camp Member 2011)
"I love how kind and patient all the coaches are with the teams. You really seem to know what you are doing. Everyone
seems to know how to get the job done in such a positive way."
 ~ M. Chan (Stunt Team Member 2010)
"We wish more gyms were like yours, your coaches no tolerance for foul attitudes and language makes the overall experience
wonderful. I am so thankful that you never allowed rude behavior to stay in the training facility. The last gym we were at, the girls could
be so mean and the coaches never did anything about it. Glad that you fully follow your no bullying and strong respect policy. You are
truly a diamond training program"
~ Anonymous (Team Parent 2012)
"She made the team! Thank you so much for your wonderful coaching style. For years she cheered with her local youth league and she
was sad when she found out she didn't have the skills needed to make her team. After just 8 weeks in your Boot Camp, she improved her
skills and made her High School squad. She was just named Co-Captain, the knowledge you gave her was more than we ever could have
asked for. Thank you, thank you"
 ~  Sarah R. (Cheer Boot Camp Member 2012)
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Last year I was part of a cheer program and when I went to my school tryouts I didn't make the team,
the coach said I needed to learn cheerleading technique. I was devastated, but I found your program and you got me more than ready for
my tryouts. I learned so much from your program & I made the team this year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wish I knew about
your program last year."
~ Ally (Boot Camp 2012)
"You have taught my daughter more in 1 week than her cheer gym has taught her in 3 years. Thank you" ~ Carly B.  (Cheer
Dance Summer Camp Participant 2012)
"Thanks for helping us through the acting process. I can't believe all the time we wasted trying to figure it all out. You have given my son
so much. Not only did he get his role in the production of Oliver but he also did his first commercial. People in our theater group always
ask me how did Chris get the lead role, I always tell them call RAW Talents. Thank you for everything!"
~ Mary Q. (Lights, Camera,
Action Parent 2012)
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"I wish I knew about you sooner. Thank you for giving Jeni the best summer camp experience ever. She has never been this
excited about anything. We will be back!"
~ Keri J.  (Summer Camp Participant August  2012)
"I don't know how you did it, but when I saw my son doing back handsprings after only spending a few weeks with you I couldn't believe it. I
always knew he was fearless but you took his fearless nature and turned him into a tumbler. What Michael accomplished with your
coaches made me so proud we sent him to your program this summer"
~ Janice C. (Summer Camp & Class Program 2012)
CONGRATS TO 2012-2013 SEASON MEMBERS All Members ended the season with Championship Titles
"Everyday my daughter can't wait to come back to camp. She has never had this much fun at any summer camp we have ever placed her in. Thank
youl" ~  
Anita V. (Camp Member 2012)
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San Carlos RAW Allstars Join Today Young Champions Cheerleading
"Thank you for all your help. I truly appreciated everything"  ~ Lisa J.  (Cheer & Dance Boot Camp Student
"Guess whose officially a mission high cheerleader?!!! Could not have done it without the help of the
best coach EVERR! Raw Talents"
~ Jeats S. (2012 to Current Team Member)