TUNE IT UP! (Formally GLEE by the Bay Classes)
Inspired by GLEE, VICTORIOUS and many of today's hit musically inspired movies and shows. This program is fun for everyone. Participants will participate in singing, dancing, some acting and script writing.
Invitations to perform at a variety of events (invitations vary but are typical for our GLEE group during the spring/summer sessions)  throughout California. Open to students K-12. The program incldes coaching
in: Stage Performing, Vocal Instruction, A & R, Talent Development
*Additional Home-schooling/Independant Studies Student programs available on weekdays between the hours of 11am-2:30pm. Classes are formed based on class demand.
Participants have performed at a variety of events included the Special Cast of GLEE by the BAY, featuring singing sensation Reagan.



Pre-registration is required, no on-site registration will be available.
RAW Talents is proud of our industry professionals and their Students. Our students can be seen on television/Film (Disney, Contagion, I
Almost Got Away With It, etc), commercials (Yahoo, Washington, Intel, etc) , and leads in stage performances like Oliver & Annie

Join us for fun or join us to start exploring work in the industry. Regardless of your path, your knowledge of the industry when expand when you chose RAW!
This program specializes in helping youth prepare for the competitive world of the entertainment industry. Our classes are
small, which allows us to customize the training for each student. Maybe you want the lead in Annie or maybe you want to
book that next movie deal. Regardless of your goal, this program will prepare you.

Students will learn a variety of industry skills. Included are the different styles of acting (film, tv, stage, musical). Learn how
to book an audition, agent, meet with casting directors and more. Build your resume, learn the "what to do" on your
audition, State Laws unique to paid youth actors.
Ever flip through your favorite magazine and wonder how you can work in the fun but challenging world of publishing and journalism. Then
this program is for you. Participants will learn the magazine industry; including but not limited to magazine layout, photography, movie/music
reviews, journalism, learn how to interview actors, artist community leaders and more.  

Work on a REAL Youth/Teen Magazine! Participants will learn the in's and out's of magazine production. Participants will be assigned a
variety of duties including but not limited to Interviewing celebrities, music and movie reviews, advice columns and so much more. Students
will also work on using their creative mind; collaboration skills; communication skills; and design skills as
they create and participate in  unique projects. This is ideal for any youth who has ever considered working in the magazine, news or
television industry. Participants must be able to participate with in-house assignments as well as off-site assignments. Lessons
Learn how to:
Interview Entertainers from shows like Shake It Up,          
Magazine/Newspaper Layout               
Yearbook Production    
WYSIWYG Web Design Products
*Additional Home-schooling/Independant Studies Student programs available on Wednesday's.

Program is done in 6 week session with rolling enrollment program which allows you to enroll at anytime during the year (as long as space
is available).  
Click here to register online.
Welcome to the Performing Arts
Division of the GM Services

Our students, teachers and guest instructors have worked on a variety of projects for Disney, Yahoo!, Kaboom, Warner
Brothers, Sony, Seventeen Magazine, lead rolls in Oliver, Annie and more. This program is all about getting the audition.
Participants will focus on resumes, reels and headshots marketing & public relations. This is STRICTLY the business
side of moving forward towards your goals and dreams. You will package your reels, headshots, resumes together and
work with our instructors to help package and market yourself. THIS IS NOT AN ACTING CLASS.
In addition, participants will explore all aspects such as pitching story ideas, creating story boards, script writing, live on camera performance and interview techniques. We provide a
supportive environment for students to grow personally and professionally.

Past and current program students successes include lead roles in the theater production of Oliver, Annie, Disney Jr television work, various print work, music videos, and
commercials.  Open to grades K-12. Program is done in 5 week sessions which can be done once, twice or for the whole year. No one can guarantee you work in the industry but your
training will help you gain the knowledge you need to be more successful in the industry.
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