1. Most award winning, affordable Allstar Cheerleading and Dance Program in Bay Area California. You won't find any program in California that is more
affordable with the high yield of results RAW has in just
4.5 seasons: Over a dozen All-American Cheerleaders, more than 18 National: International: Division
Championship Titles

2. Educational Scholarships/College Opportunities: Our non-profit division has given away more than $13,000 in educational scholarships. Adding a new
scholarship division to award scholarships to qualified Junior & Senior High School Student Athletes each year.
3. NO BULLYING/EVERYONE MATTERS Philosophy: Staffers enforce a STRICT no bullying policy (online and offline) in the program.
Everyone is a star at RAW. Some people are stronger flyers than others, some a stronger tumblers, but EVERYONE MATTERS. We do not focus on just a
FEW STAR program members. We work with each member to build confidence, technique and pride in their accomplishments. Every level and every team

4.  Progressive Targeted Training: A coach/director meets with each team member at the start of their season to discuss their goals for the season. These
goals become a part of their individualized training. Every athlete leaves with a higher level of skill than what they come in with. We train TRUE LEVEL
Athlete's. This means if you join RAW, we will make sure you receive all the training to be a
TRUE Level athlete. Some programs have athletes on Level 3 or
higher, even though those athletes do not have the proper training or tumbling skills. This may be fun but if you chose to move and enter another program,
its hard for the athlete to understand why they are bumped down to level 1 teams at the new gym or can't make their college team due to lack of proper
training progression. No athlete or family should spend money on a program that is not progressing the skills of the athlete. It's like being promoted to Algebra
before you can add and subtract. At RAW it is important that every member is trained to be a true level athlete and RAW makes sure that you are ready for
what ever team (high school, college or even another program).  

Proud program that has seen many of its current/former athletes accepted to/attend top tier colleges: Hofstra, San Francisco University, San Francisco
State, San Jose State, Texas Southern, UC Merced, University of California, University of Oregon


Special Scholarships for Male Athletes
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Serving students from the 408, 510, 925, 650, 415